Saturday, August 29, 2009

Imargerine 1

Helo. My name is Human Who-Man Junior. I came from the New World Order which Obama ruled Manchester United States of Arse and Najeeb Tun Rosak followed accordingly to The Lord of Datins. For your information, these people called Juice or also famously known as Is-to-the-Rael kept "menopause"ing all doors of freedom to Islamic countries and monopolied the surroundings of homosapiens being. In my time, J-e-w-s are called Juice because we were too advanced in English Language, we even make words shorter and funkier and even sounds nicer, although it has the same ducking sound. watch my lips "LOL"ling and "ROTFLMAO"ing. You could found Oxford Dictionaries sleeping in a trash can in certain houses especially mine. LOL.

Today, I come to this Now World Order to tell you that cats are genetically originated from the Dinosaur`s Family. NASA too has reported that they found out a Louis Vuitton Bag fossils on the surface of Mars and an artifact of Converse Jack Purcell shoe in the center of Uranus planet during their first expedition in search of aliens.

It`s time for me to go back to the time device. I want to go back to the old times of World War II where Hitler copycatted Charlie Chaplin`s moustache and escaped the great hunt of him by replacing a dead body of someone that looks just like him in order to make people believe that he is dead.

I also wanted to give out this porn DVD of Maria Ozawa to those old people so that they could stop staring at Marylin Monroe Playboy calendar.

Goodbye Now World Order people. I am from the New World Order.


  1. ape sebnanye ko nak sampaikn ni?

  2. bukak otak.bukak hati.tepuk dada.tanya selera.