Saturday, February 6, 2010

Imargerine 2

If you happen to understand body languages and facial expressions, I guess you should hold back your laughters for below pictures because afraid that some of these pictures might kill you in front of your lovely cute lappy.

I understand if you need another extra seconds of stare and a big-time imagination process for you to understand them. Because I was like that too, initially. Haha.

Oh I was just kidding. Please burst out your laughters without having any of your kidneys explode.

Special credits to: Chuck Norris, Darth Vader of Starwars, Edward Scissorshand, Twilight, Lost, A-romantic-ghost-story-that-I-forgot-it`s-title, The Rock, Xzibit and Berak Obama.

No vampires especially the sparkling-in-the-sunlight was hurt in making of this post (although I wish I could hurt one especially the sparkling stupid one)

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  1. hahahaha!


    "so you're into literature?"

    haha! i'd like to think that's the reason why von bismarck was strangled to death.

  2. she was so lucky because she didnt die during the bullet-rain in the bar with some undercover American-German soldier.

    but I guess twilight could take out people`s luck and life. hahahahahah

  3. not working on me lar wehhh!!!!