Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is this the gap


Did I just lose my ability to write blog posts or what ?

Well lately I`ve been a great nocturnal mammal so I am just lucky for today I woke up at 4 o`clock. Last 3 days back also.

So as "Zombieland" said, "Enjoy the littlest thing", I always reminiscent all the things I`ve been through each year and although it is too late to set my new 2010 year dreams in my horror-shanana-dream-land, but I guess it`s better too late than never.

I`ve been watching numerous times repeatedly of movies and the telenovela but not Slot-Akasia especially "Scrubs", "The Simpsons", "Final Fantasy Advent Child" and it made me wonder why some events of life happen so drastically and dramatically, and crucial cruel events would happen to be the rolling stones to a certain character so that it would conclude the plot and the climax of a story, unless it would not be a story if something especially something interesting does not happen.

As for me, everyone is the main character for their own story. If you happen to be a martial art fighter, you would be the main character of your life story for completing your own problems fight for your right with your enemy and your own life. If you are a student, you would the main character to succeed and be a nerd. If you are a lover, you would play the romantic character in a story where either it ends happily or sadly. Even if you are a prostitute, you would be acting as a character in reality where in rare-cases people would want to end up being you.

Yes, there are some people that I`ve met that would actually "not really" wanted to end up being a prostitute, but the way they act could be predicted to end up like a whore and bitches. Such as "Hello-I-am-not-a-prostitute" but they would always say these things publicly "watch my breasts. aren`t they lovely" or "hey I am the most beautiful girl in the world". Of course, maybe this is all because of  watching Dis-ney`s Cinde-brella story and Ba-r-bie during their childhood. Maybe. Oh what can you expect of the effect of Jewish and Illuminati`s plot. Always bite people`s head bit by bit. But at least, please enjoy the littlest things of being a pro-prostitute. Please enjoy the littlest things of being a student, a lover, a fighter, and an actor. For I am like one of you too.

Even with the new year spirit, I can never be any other unless me myself. Unlike you, maybe you have the greatest big heart for not being yourself.

I guess, every box contains vary attributes of products. 



  1. Hey, who says a student has to be a nerd? A lover should be romantic?

    Life aint fun that way.

    Life's a box of chocolate. You'll never know what u gonna get.

  2. hhaha Forest Gump.

    no no that was just sarcasm for ordinary people.but at least they have an ordinary life.and i envy that.unlike some people who would want to make things unique but more complicated and end up like shit. like me.haha.

    get it, nigga?

  3. it doesn't sound sarcastic. oh whatever.

    i'll figure you out. someday.

  4. oh dont be. because i am not me.

    and i am not very good in sarcasm.