Thursday, February 11, 2010

Qwerty 4

It`s been a hell flood of posers into the world. And. People would sometimes never like copycats.

Depressed is when sometimes something good will come out of it. Sometimes.

In this moment, I just felt like going out into the big city and shove people`s face with punches without any reason.

Money would be friendly with you when you have lots of them. And when you have none of them, money could and would choke you out and leave you pathetically alone and makes you wonder yet think of ways on how to be friends with them some more.

Sometimes people would be clueless between "Oh I dont have any emotion" and "Oh I am emotional".

There are curses for people that could not cry. Their eyes would be very very heavy, maybe heavy with the tears or "water-eyes", not having to throw them to fall down. And their iris would be very weird and straight.

And again, I wish I could punch some people`s faces today.

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