Saturday, February 13, 2010

to N and K

Kerana dirimu dunia ku terlepas,
Kerana kau ku bernafas,
Kerana tanpamu semangat jadi tewas,
Kerana kau yang teratas,
Segala apa,
Biarpun jiwa aku pertaruhkan jua,
Asalkan saja,
Dikau bersama diriku selalunya.

Taken from: Spider - Buat Sang Puteri

Hey mom and dad. I dedicated this song just for the both of the very expensive you.
I may look like I didnt care even a rat`s hair; going in and out from the house like some kind of a hotel, sleep for decades, never talk so much, make fun of your sarcastic sentences, live during the night/sleep during the day, worsen things up, etc etc whatever shit i`ve done. But the real thing is, I dont know what I should do and even how to give the best words for what you`ve been through lately. 

Because I know eventually, people will get old. People would get ill and fall sick. And lately, I`ve been content with observing you going to the hospital and brought back  some piece of x-rays showing what your real problem is and reading all your "sigh" status in Facebook.

And I have had enough with all your "bila ayah mati nanti...." or "suatu hari nanti ibu ayah dah takde..." because I know everyone will die someday and I wish I could go on first before you people, so that I can watch my own funeral. And even yours. Without any emotions.

AND I cant really rely on friends on that.

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