Sunday, March 28, 2010

Qwerty 14

Mungkin. Maybe. In another 5 to 10 years, Malaysia will be known as the smartest country that produces high quality, nice big breasts and plastic faces actors, and packed with nice and good story lines. Thanks to Prof A Rojak Mohaidiin "Sohai" and some stupid rempit stories directors. And of course, Malaysia will be known as a rempit town where even a makcik would sacrifice her RG Sport motorcycle to go for a rempit battle on the road to save her daughter`s life if she wins the race.


and of course long live tears and some cheap eye-moisture medicine so that our actors can effectively cry, to make many good films with the same good old story repeatedly again again and again. of course with the help of nice male actors riding the motorbike and expensive cars like Subaru and Mitsubishi to make the female`s innocent kampung hot character cry and cry to produce a tempayan sized tears.

again, WTF FTW

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Qwerty 13 Cerita 9

Nice. Just because I shut my mouth it doesnt mean that I`m not doing anything and becoming a loser. This is to tell you that I could create such a big fuss over something no matter if it is small or big. For those who knew me too well, they know they wont call me Robot for fun. That name lies too many tale to tell.

When involving about friendship, I wont simply do something ridiculous and make a fuss out of something silly. Because friendship is something simple that you could make it happen or create a new friendship in a moment but to maintain it continously, it costs something valuable.

And so, you should know, I`m not a backstabber. I dont like talking about people at their back. I dont like doesnt mean that I have never done it. Cakap-cakap belakang apa yang kau dapat. Setakat being delusional rasa puas hati sendiri, ya aku rasa kau adalah the biggest loser. Hasut-hasut orang sana sini. Sebab kalau tak puas hati, apa guna rasa professional cakap depan-depan. Atau kau tak pernah belajar tentang etika professional?. Aku faham kalau kau dilahirkan bodoh sebab semua orang dilahirkan bodoh, tapi at least belajar la tentang etika professional. Takkan kau nak hidup selama-lamanya macam orang takde prinsip?.

Hasut-hasut orang sana sini lebih membuatkan kau ni macam watak jahat dalam sesuatu drama yang mana kau akan dipandang hina. Itu pun jikalau orang tau apa situasi sebenar, mereka akan pandang kau lebih hina daripada sampah yang mereput berbau busuk. Kalau diorang tak tau apa situasi sebenar, mereka pasti akan join venture kau membenci orang sana-sini macam orang bodoh takde pedoman

"Apa? Kau takut? Kau takut untuk cakap depan-depan dengan aku?"

Buat apa kau nak takut. Bukan aku nak jadi irrational or insane pukul kau on the spot or doing harm physically to you. Sebab aku tau and faham bahawa people are doing something for a reason. And you should know, aku hormat orang lain walaupun cara aku macam tak reti hormat orang. Kalau aku ni tak reti hormat orang, dah lama aku ni mati kene pukul atau kena bunuh maybe minimal pun kene pukul setiap sebulan sekali sebab tak reti cara hormat orang. Get it?

Aku bukan perfect. dah nama pun manusia bodoh, mesti buat silap. so kalau aku ada buat salah, sila tepekkan kat muka aku on the spot. aku slalu sound sahabat-sahabat dengan ayat ni "wey laknat, kalau aku ada buat salah ke terlebih mulut ke, kau sound je aku" and oh ya, aku letak "wey laknat" to show that I`m not that much of a good manner and good way of speaking.

And I am flexible. segala makian aku tu either boleh jadi serious or just for fun. but at least I am honest. :)

Kalau kau bodoh bebal macam lembu sangat, teruskan la perangai yang kau rasa sungguh modern dan bertamadun tu. Aku cuma boleh duduk atas kerusi di depan laptop menghisap rokok sambil tersenyum sinis lebar tengok gelagat orang macam kau.

Sebab pengalaman hidup aku mungkin pelik dan kejam, tapi aku rasa sangat best dan memorable. Dan aku taknak kau jadi macam aku. Of all the sins, I wont forgive myself if it involves all the friendships around me.

Bukak mata, bukak hati, bukak pintu.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am addicted to this song

"Please dont spoil my day, i`m miles away and after all, i`m only sleeping."

"Please dont wake me, no, dont shake me, leave me where i am, i`m only sleeping"

Dont bother John Lennon because after all, he`s only sleeping. He is oversleep.

Qwerty 12

Please tell me who the fuck doesn't put cherry on top to get something in return?

That`s why I unfortunately hate human nature. Even so, I am one of you too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mirror 1

Aih celaka betul.

Aku tau aku bodoh. Tetapi apasal lately aku rasa macam makin bebal?.

Bila dapat idea semua kabur macam celaka. Bila aku dapat inspiration pun macam terbodoh patung tak buat apa.

Apasal lah aku tak bebal daripada dulu?
Sebab bila betul-betul dah bebal, aku rasa rindu dengan aku yang tidak sebebal sekarang. Dulu.

Stop speeding please.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cerita 9


ok, aku tak suka tengok ayah aku jalan terdengkot macam perlukan tongkat atau kerusi roda dan buat muka sakit sepanjang masa. ibu pun susah nak drive kereta sebab itu.

 Kau pun tahu isi hati aku kan, Allah ?


Atau Kau boleh ambil semua dan kasik kat aku. Sistem barter.

Senyap senyap pun aku senyum.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Qwerty 11

a good old quote that I even took it as my best friend since i was form 4 :
"I would wish upon a star. but that star. it doesn't shine".

It was from form 4 memories and both form 4 and form 5 dicky situations. And basically I took it from Blink182`s song. So once, it had a theme. Yes that quote has a theme. That theme is "Love" because I was a noob teen trying to find the love of  my life. Because I thought if i have someone as a good close partner, then my burden will ease a lil bit. But guess, my burden is too heavy, I dont want others to carry half of it with me.

So these days, I remembered that quote back because a picture of me with that quote was recently tagged by my friend. I told him to edit the picture that way.

And so, the new theme for this quote is "Life". But to prove that my favvy quote is wrong, instead, I`ll try. It would sounds much better if it like this :

"I would wish upon a star. Cut the crap off and just dive"

Just dive.

Because life is a deep wide sea that completes it all with love, personal matters, problems,  and all.

Maybe along the deep sea dive, I could meet some fishes that would end up as the best soulmate.

Maybe along the deep sea dive, I could watch both beautiful and harsh scenery in the palm of my hand.

And as they say, things are getting prettier if you could meet and touch the bottom of the sea. Maybe some treasure. Because treasure are a set of mystery that you need to unravel it yourself. So I think death are pretty. Death are just like religion and complexity. Too beautiful and sometimes ugly.

Shit why is this blog so gloomy? WTF. -_-"

"Jangan risau"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Qwerty 10

I am not nice everyday. Just dont bitch to it.

And sometimes if some people come to me at the wrong place, in the wrong time, I wish I could just strangle them to death. Or maybe pull out their tongue so that they can speak a bit more not.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Qwerty 9

Yeah maybe we`ll better off walking in a different lane. I hope you can find your own way yourself because I cant even help myself find my own. And even if you find one, please dont help me find it because I hate overconfident people showing off trying to be smart and I know your capabilities.

If I need any guidance I could count on some real pals not some bodoh tolol versi kedua. And for sure is that everyone is a hypocrite.

bodoh tolol

Hello douche-bag. Stop being what you`re not. Stop being acting so macho while you`re just one hell of a loser. Stop meddling in other`s conversation as your voice is like an ear-sore to me.

Because, you know. Okay I`m defining the copycat word although my last blog is so full of crappy shit that I filled in with mocking you stupid copycat idiot. In my expression, your copycat is to copy whatever people are doing it and it annoys people, you suck-up son of a bitch. It`s okay if you were to copy other`s good attitude but guess you`re so stupid to compare betweem good and bad which most of all that you`re doing are bad and affect people in so many ways. Grow up you slack nub kids.

And oh yeah, if you want to act so cool and macho enough, go commit suicide because I think it`s cool, people rarely do that and you could even be famous too. I can help you with that, because, I have had enough helping people like you to find your own identity.

Dont bother asking me why I did this and that effectively while you did this and that clumsily and idiotically because I have brains and brains are used to think logically while you use your dick to think and that`s why you would end up sighing with a dull face while I could end up sighing with a smile face.Get it, you pathetic buttload of crap? Anak haram punya budak, puas aku sound kau depan-depan tapi takpa. Kau ingat kau cool sangat. OK takpa, jom kita tengok sapa cool bila aku dah panas lupa dunia.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A funny quick update fer today

Ni la akibat main dotA lag stuck-stuck sampai rasa emotional rasa macam nak pijak broadband sampai jadi pieces tapi cari alternatif of something to cheer self up. End up laughing like a racoon on weeds.

Click on the fucking epic picture to make it clearer and larger

At least now I know Tokio Hotel is a gay band hahahaaahaha. and i stilll cant stop thinking how funny it is to put all the shit onto the Twilight`s face.

Taken from


Monday, March 15, 2010

Cerita 8 Qwerty 8

Because this disease called "hope" is eating us alive. But still, at times I`m still wishing for things or miracles to happen. That`s what I called as hope.

By now, you should know what the question is, as the answer above is started with "because".

Hope. *Laugh*. What a weird thing

. 11/07/09 :

This one day, someone knocked on my door. It was kind of weird because it has been so long since I had some special guest.

So I opened the door and I was so shocked to see her. That someone was an old friend of mine. I stared her for a while. Then after a minute or two of "Hellos and Greets", I invited her to come into my house. She did not speak that much.

She sat quietly on the sofa while I sat on the floor. She started to ask about how am I doing now, to break the ice. I was still in the full shock mode but I pretended to act normally so that I could treat her very well. An old friend, of course. I dont want her to see that I have changed so much.

Weird enough, if I tell you that I have only met her only twice before this. I firstly met and knew her during my days after quitting from Maktab Rendah Sains Mara school. and secondly during the days when I got expelled from Matriculation.

Twice but yet she had been so close with me since then. I covered my weird feelings with a smile. And this is for the third times I am meeting her.

The third weird times.

I told her everything. She was a bit angry with me because I quitted from the UiTM last year, maybe, based on her expression.

Then she grabbed my head and whispered these words to my ears :

"Give something a chance. Give future a chance. Give past a chance."

That words shadowed enough, but I understand that.

Without any last words, she went out from my house. Gone.

Sorry I forgot to tell you about her name. For sure, her name iss not John Lennon, because she is a female while Lennon is a male, and she has never mentioned "Give peace a chance".

She introduced herself to me as "Hope" during the first day we met. and I believe that is her name.

and I dont have her Maxis number. *sigh*

Cerita 7 Qwerty 7

Some people nowadays become photographers just because they wanted to gget a chance to pickup a hot girl or some model.

Or maybe some poseur life-noob girls that think they were so pathetically hot but to tell you the truth their faces were just like a bunch of monkeys except they have an extra beautiful body including showing off their medium size breast and a sizzling hot butt.

No you cant smell any jealousy here.

And oh yeah. The hardest part of being me is that; everytime I wanted to be in a relationships, complications happened to stay by my side.

Or maybe some friends are just PROfessionals in interrupting a couple-will-be relationship. It`s okay. Being a robot is allright to give up.

I havent been able to use much of my brains lately. Due to sleep exaggeratively. Sigh.

Oh well, Hello DotA. and Goodbye Emily. Preparations are made to handover you to someone else. I`ll be missing you.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cerita 6

so haritu ada seorang kawan call aku. she`s among my best friends. dia sebenarnya bodoh-bodoh alang macam Peter Parker, Spiderman. selang 5 minit, tetiba dia nanges tak pasal-pasal. so aku rasa macam pelik bercampur palat sebab aku rasa mcm sial tengok orang nangis. either aku rasa nak tumbuk muka dia, or aku rasa nak tumbuk orang yg buat dia menangis. tapi time tu aku rasa nak tumbuk muka dia, sebab aku dah suruh dia stop nangis tapi mak dia tak mengajar dia cara untuk berhenti menangis.

so aku hujani handphone aku dengan air liur, aku tanya "napa kau nanges ni?" dan "apababi.sejak bila kau jadi pontianak modern dok menangis kat handphone memalam buta?" dan ugutan suruh dia berhenti nangis otherwise aku letak telefon (which is a simple psycho). so dia stop nangis secara separuh sebab aku masih dapat dengar dia teriak nama aku dengan nada berlendir atau orang sastera panggil sebagai, cakap teresak-esak.

tapi part yg paling pening kepala sekali adalah bila ditanya apa masalah dia, tapi dia taknak cerita. puas pujuk mcm haram. dan dia tak cerita apa masalah dia sampai dia habis call malam tu. tak cerita. cuma banyak masa dihabiskan dengan aku membuat lawak bodoh. dan sampai harini dia tak bagitau apa masalah dia menangis malam haritu.

but on the other hand, I already knew what her problems are, even without having her telling me what they are.

Feeling dizzy? A little bit involved in the tv series "Lost "? Nahh. Dont ask me how I could get a hold of her problems (dont worry, the answer is in the bottom section of this post)

So, aku nak tiru sikit macam gaya quote update status newsfeed facebook.

"What`s on your mind?"

Because every imaginary reason that you have deeply think of and guess, has the almost equal ratio of the real true reason why things happened. Even the distraction and the "out-of-topic" conversation could give you the probability of the real answer. Enjoy guessing. Happy thinking.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cerita 5

yelah. sebab. walaupun aku tak reti cakap ayat betul dan sedap tu cemana, tappi aku tumpang gembira lah sebab tengok kau.

and, oh yeah by the by, jom dotA