Saturday, March 20, 2010

bodoh tolol

Hello douche-bag. Stop being what you`re not. Stop being acting so macho while you`re just one hell of a loser. Stop meddling in other`s conversation as your voice is like an ear-sore to me.

Because, you know. Okay I`m defining the copycat word although my last blog is so full of crappy shit that I filled in with mocking you stupid copycat idiot. In my expression, your copycat is to copy whatever people are doing it and it annoys people, you suck-up son of a bitch. It`s okay if you were to copy other`s good attitude but guess you`re so stupid to compare betweem good and bad which most of all that you`re doing are bad and affect people in so many ways. Grow up you slack nub kids.

And oh yeah, if you want to act so cool and macho enough, go commit suicide because I think it`s cool, people rarely do that and you could even be famous too. I can help you with that, because, I have had enough helping people like you to find your own identity.

Dont bother asking me why I did this and that effectively while you did this and that clumsily and idiotically because I have brains and brains are used to think logically while you use your dick to think and that`s why you would end up sighing with a dull face while I could end up sighing with a smile face.Get it, you pathetic buttload of crap? Anak haram punya budak, puas aku sound kau depan-depan tapi takpa. Kau ingat kau cool sangat. OK takpa, jom kita tengok sapa cool bila aku dah panas lupa dunia.

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