Monday, March 15, 2010

Cerita 8 Qwerty 8

Because this disease called "hope" is eating us alive. But still, at times I`m still wishing for things or miracles to happen. That`s what I called as hope.

By now, you should know what the question is, as the answer above is started with "because".

Hope. *Laugh*. What a weird thing

. 11/07/09 :

This one day, someone knocked on my door. It was kind of weird because it has been so long since I had some special guest.

So I opened the door and I was so shocked to see her. That someone was an old friend of mine. I stared her for a while. Then after a minute or two of "Hellos and Greets", I invited her to come into my house. She did not speak that much.

She sat quietly on the sofa while I sat on the floor. She started to ask about how am I doing now, to break the ice. I was still in the full shock mode but I pretended to act normally so that I could treat her very well. An old friend, of course. I dont want her to see that I have changed so much.

Weird enough, if I tell you that I have only met her only twice before this. I firstly met and knew her during my days after quitting from Maktab Rendah Sains Mara school. and secondly during the days when I got expelled from Matriculation.

Twice but yet she had been so close with me since then. I covered my weird feelings with a smile. And this is for the third times I am meeting her.

The third weird times.

I told her everything. She was a bit angry with me because I quitted from the UiTM last year, maybe, based on her expression.

Then she grabbed my head and whispered these words to my ears :

"Give something a chance. Give future a chance. Give past a chance."

That words shadowed enough, but I understand that.

Without any last words, she went out from my house. Gone.

Sorry I forgot to tell you about her name. For sure, her name iss not John Lennon, because she is a female while Lennon is a male, and she has never mentioned "Give peace a chance".

She introduced herself to me as "Hope" during the first day we met. and I believe that is her name.

and I dont have her Maxis number. *sigh*

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  1. bunyi pelik odh. cam malaikat jer yg dtg. damn.