Monday, March 22, 2010

Qwerty 11

a good old quote that I even took it as my best friend since i was form 4 :
"I would wish upon a star. but that star. it doesn't shine".

It was from form 4 memories and both form 4 and form 5 dicky situations. And basically I took it from Blink182`s song. So once, it had a theme. Yes that quote has a theme. That theme is "Love" because I was a noob teen trying to find the love of  my life. Because I thought if i have someone as a good close partner, then my burden will ease a lil bit. But guess, my burden is too heavy, I dont want others to carry half of it with me.

So these days, I remembered that quote back because a picture of me with that quote was recently tagged by my friend. I told him to edit the picture that way.

And so, the new theme for this quote is "Life". But to prove that my favvy quote is wrong, instead, I`ll try. It would sounds much better if it like this :

"I would wish upon a star. Cut the crap off and just dive"

Just dive.

Because life is a deep wide sea that completes it all with love, personal matters, problems,  and all.

Maybe along the deep sea dive, I could meet some fishes that would end up as the best soulmate.

Maybe along the deep sea dive, I could watch both beautiful and harsh scenery in the palm of my hand.

And as they say, things are getting prettier if you could meet and touch the bottom of the sea. Maybe some treasure. Because treasure are a set of mystery that you need to unravel it yourself. So I think death are pretty. Death are just like religion and complexity. Too beautiful and sometimes ugly.

Shit why is this blog so gloomy? WTF. -_-"

"Jangan risau"


  1. there's so many fish in the sea. Or something like that, lagu the strokes. :)

    And I think, death is only pretty if only you are guaranteed heaven.


  2. Automatic Stop - The Strokes

    typical. everyone hopes that they were guaranteed heaven.

    pernah dengar nasyid "aku tak layak masuk syurgamu, tetapi aku takut nerakamu" ?


  3. itu translation istighfar rabiatul adawiah~
    haah. aku tau, pernah dengar nasyid dia.

  4. sori aku tak tau rabiatul adawiah tu apa n sori aku tak kuat agama.

    but still, i`m burying my legs on where i`m standing. and a but again. thanks.