Thursday, April 29, 2010

zzz 5

life wont gonna keep throwing you ace spades my friend. so prepare for the two diamonds. if you know what i mean.

read this, self.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Qwerty 18

I remember I used to tell a lie during the primary school about my hobby, that was, reading books. But I`m ugly sure confirmado that your hobby is buttlicking and brown nosing. You should try mengumpul setem. It`s better.

Oh sorry. I dont have the right to change your hobby. Keep it your way. I`m happy for you.

zzz 4


seriously, everything is boring lately.

ok it`s my time tu burn up the faya bak kata sean kingston.

see you when i burn you. :]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


remember? you`re the one who made it to go down on the steep cliff in that cave in Perak, eventhough you were scared at first looking at it. while others still thinking if they could die or at least break some bones going down on that cliff.

I know you have this big weird of courage in you. If you dont, I know you are not what you`re being named of.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Story 13 Qwerty 18

at least for now, I found something to believe in about music. about this song actually. it may makes you feel content and comfortable even for a while. but at least, that "while" sure is enough to make me smile and reminiscence of all the things from the past that can cheer me up.

because, all that I could remeber listening to this song is that; I was a kid and I was watching television, lying on a carpet with a pillow under my head, breathing, not knowing a thing about real life and hardship of being an adult and a teen. because I was a kid. and always will be.

and maybe because this song has this beautiful melody and a beautiful memory.

I would prefer calling music as, the heaven of life, from now on. for I didnt think about this before this.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

zzz 3

Try to grab a hold of yourself, can you? Whenever you slip away, you know it`s hard for things to get to normal again. So called point zero restoration my butt.

No this is not about holding dick or any penis.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Qwerty 17

Well. Your sudden lightning makes it looks like the sky is cracking and resembles like a glass cracking here and there. So sudden not even a single soul could predict where they will poke on whose shoulder. I guess, in million ways, You showed  and showered Your power.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Qwerty 16 zzz 2 Story 12

Cut the crap about the last "zzz 1" post. I felt like I wanted to cry since I get so addicted with DotA and some online games but still a noob with it. cry cry cry


but still it could kill time. 

Well. For all that I experienced with, you`ve got to admit :
Great things aren`t available forever. :)

And lately some life-nub coming out of the bush anonymously texted me with swear words and insults that I found very very delightful and enjoyable and maybe it serves me right on my face. but it`s been so long since I could play such dirty words with people. ^^

Eeek but come to think again, I really need to control my anger. It has been unleashed out of nowhere and making my iris to become small very easily. And I am so grateful my-smiling-mouth wont leave me behind.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

zzz 1

Aku sudah semakin ketagih nampak gayanya. Hahahah macam sial.lah

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story 11

I miss the way we used to laugh together without knife in each other`s hand situated on our respective throat.

But I know things that have changed maybe in such a permanent way, like JC used to sing.

Qwerty 15

because everyday I wish I could help you to draw a smile on your face. I wish it was as easy as in the drawings. I wish I have that pencil.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cerita 10

I was searching for my favorite 1995 era song that is Hattan - Duit Duit because I dont have much money to live right now and I dont wanna depend on my parent`s money of my stupidness in wasting Mara loan money. Okay I am such a dope in handling money and again, I am such a dope for money right now.

Cut the crap. Again, I was searching for Hattan`s song that is Duit Duit and I ended up finding these amazing videos with the title "CARA BUAT DUIT SECARA ONLINE", and "BUAT DUIT - DUIT EXTRA SEHINGGA RM3,500 SETIAP BULAN", and also "JANA DUIT BUAT DUIT GUNA YOUTUBE".

wow. maybe I should stop my studies, drop out from university again and apply that method of using Facebook and get RM1k in a day, so that I could duduk rumah bikin perut boncit.


MELAYU MEMANG HEBAT. senang kaya secara imaginasi. kena tipu baru tau nak memaki-maki.

oh ya. nah :

Hattan For The Win !