Wednesday, April 21, 2010


remember? you`re the one who made it to go down on the steep cliff in that cave in Perak, eventhough you were scared at first looking at it. while others still thinking if they could die or at least break some bones going down on that cliff.

I know you have this big weird of courage in you. If you dont, I know you are not what you`re being named of.


  1. haha. ingat lagi time ni? bebudak perempuan civil engineering nanges2. then henset aku tenggelam dalam air gua penuh tu? aku tergolek kat batu sbb gelap mcm haram. haha.

    actually aku ada mimpi psl dalam gua kat perak hari tu. ada something distracted aku.


  2. haahhaha. henpon shapix an? hahaha. bgg. babi ak cuak nk mmpos time part slide2 uh. sial. ak follow jer ko tron. koya brani.

    mimpi mende?