Monday, April 12, 2010

Qwerty 16 zzz 2 Story 12

Cut the crap about the last "zzz 1" post. I felt like I wanted to cry since I get so addicted with DotA and some online games but still a noob with it. cry cry cry


but still it could kill time. 

Well. For all that I experienced with, you`ve got to admit :
Great things aren`t available forever. :)

And lately some life-nub coming out of the bush anonymously texted me with swear words and insults that I found very very delightful and enjoyable and maybe it serves me right on my face. but it`s been so long since I could play such dirty words with people. ^^

Eeek but come to think again, I really need to control my anger. It has been unleashed out of nowhere and making my iris to become small very easily. And I am so grateful my-smiling-mouth wont leave me behind.


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