Sunday, May 2, 2010

Story 14

"Why did you move that horse chess piece?" Nurul asked Razmi. Razmi was playing chess with his friend, or he would prefer considers her as an arch-enemy, in chess. Razmi replied to Nurul "this is a plan and one of my tactics to win this game, dummy", replied with a serious face, trying to show that he was concentrating for the game. Nurul nodded and smile innocently.

Nurul is a 7 years old kid, a neighbor of Razmi. Razmi`s opponent, Hanida is the same age as he is, but she is a little bit matured and more friendly, so happy-go-lucky type.

"Eh kak Nida, why did you move that piece?" said Nurul. Nida smiled instead, saying "you know, in a game like this, players must move their piece in order to defeat their opponent. so, i`m moving this Queen in order to check  his King, making his pieces paralyzed in order to save the King. hopefully I can checkmate though".

"What is checkmate?"-Nurul. "Can you shut up please?" Razmi yelled. Nurul startled. "Relax, Mi. She`s just a kid. Maybe furiously curious. We were once like that, kan?. Relax lah. I bet you`re so stressed to win me. teeheheee" Hasnida interfered with a quick bossy face and a teasing face. Razmi`s ego burned up because he felt so challenged with that sarcastical teasing look. Nurul quickly went behind Nida`s back scared, apologizing.

After 27 minutes playing, Razmi had to face the truth. He lost to Nida. With an angry face, he went to Makcik Salmah`s stall nearby and bought a plastic bag full of ice-cream. "Take this. Your reward. Like I promised, it`s my treat. You can take it too, Nurul" said Razmi.

Finished eating the whole bunch of ice-cream. They gathered back to that pondok and started to arrange the order back for each chess pieces, starting a new game.

"Why are you two doing?" - Nurul. "Play chess lah. Nak buat apa lagi dengan board chess ni." said Razmi.

"But why?" Nurul replied.

"Sayang, we`re playing a new game. Seems like Razmi cant get enough of defeat. (with a cynical laugh) And because we wanted to see the mistakes we made in our steps. We would try to repair the errors, if we could" - Hasnida

I guess, people do something for special reasons, dont they?
And sometimes, even if they dont have any reasons to do that something, they could create one to make their life a comedy drama. Arent they?

Do they?



  1. :) Special reasons indeed. Specific reasons. Sometimes just for the sake of doing it again to reminisce.

  2. because bitter and sweet belongs in the same class, i guess.