Thursday, May 20, 2010


I supposed to have an Entrepreneurship examination at 11.30am.
I woke up late at around 11.45am.
I bathed like The Flash.
I rushed to the LRT station like a mad man.
I missed a train and got into one after waiting for 10 minutes.
I arrived at my uni around 12.05pm.
I checked my wallet and noticed that I lost my examination sticker.
I felt so fucked up because I didnt study quite enough and I didnt attend my Entrepreneurship exam.
I ate at the warung like nothing is happening while on the other hand, I supposed to sit for an exam.
I felt that life is so beautiful.

At least, there is still a little regret over it.

Dont call me crazy. I am just a little bit not on the lane.

Suit yourself to call me dumb, stupid, idiot or not a good choice maker etc etc.
I know I am every one of those.

But at least, I managed to smile like a madman. Haha. Bodoh.

Ni aku tak cerita lagi masalah-masalah internal affairs dan juga masalah yang aku tahu bakal datang.

Sebab aku tau aku ni macam perempuan pergi shopping. Pegang penuh beg plastik barang belian tak cukup tangan. Tapi aku tak beli barangan. Aku beli masalah. Kadang-kadang juga ada promotion giveaway barangan free.

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  1. Oh. Rafiq.. I'm going to be my usual gay self again and say, I wish I was there with you at the warung.