Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Story 17

actually im in a great hunger because lately i`ve been eating less and less.

so lately have this kind of hot news about the never-ending tragedy in Gaza if i`m not mistaken between the home and the visitors, the blue and white colours of (thinking about blue and white, doesnt it makes you flash thinking about Facebook?) Israel or Jewish. Talking about the home and the visitors, I remembered about football. I dont know why?

to be not-Rafiqly speaking, i pity those who were brutally violated, killed and even poltergeist-ed by those animals or what I considered as the shittiest human race of all because they were annihilated and being dissed even by some prophets. And its so sad. So tragic, and also, at some point, maybe have some turning-points anjakkan paradigma bidang terjung ayam tambatan udang-batu behind these events.

even some people hoping for some big organizations and peace nation party-club  to yell for protesting rather that sitting around makan kacang but you know how they do, cowards would only wanted to save themselves. sorry for being so sharp-tounged, maybe i`m not matured enough to know the real situation for some crisis, but at least I feel content by vomiting my disgust over some two-faced organizations and powerful people. and I guess in Malaysia, the most powerful person is Rosmah Wanita Pertama Malaysia that would become the most loved person in the heart of Malaysians and become the most influential/powerful person in Malaysia`s history without even sitting in the parliament or having an election but by controlling a puppet over a bald-stoner-jambu face of the so-called-harapan melayu.

waiting for some culprits and big names behind the big power to defend the fair and just of humanities, is like waiting for Roti Canai Kosong that you ordered in a McDonald franchise.

ok jom protest dgn tukar profile picture dan bercakap lebih.

mungkin air liur harini yang terkeluar-keluar tu dapat selamatkan kita one day if the Israel comes and conquers our country. Air liur is priceless.

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