Saturday, June 26, 2010

Story 21

when you`re in the deepest pit of hunger, and then suddently you get some food, you know what it taste like.

when you`re thirsty after running for 3km and then you get a bottle of fresh water you know what it taste like.

when you`re in a great pain pinch of problems and then it all got solved, you know what it feels like.

when you`re in love with someone you dont know how they feel about you and then you get that assurance that they love you, you know you`re on the stairway to heaven.

sometimes I feel like human are so easy, theorotically. like the math operation if 1 plus 1 then of course you know it will equals to 2. you know what you want, wherever you want it, whenever you wanting it.


when there`s no one to give a hand to all that you need, you know you will end up like a shrimp on a stove, shrimping and effortless.

you know you should get quite used to being a shrimp. hahaha.

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