Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Story 23

Things are pretty weird happy lately.but although I`m facing a hard time with my subjects this short semester and end up not going to the classes because of my thick laziness.and money seems to evaporate so suddenly.I think I`m going to end up very shitty this semester. oh by the by, a bestfriend of mine got into some contract learning and working for the government. Some of others were in their last semester for their diploma and renting a house outside of the university, which I could kill some time by going to their bungalows. and I went to my ex-university area last few days.

It`s funny when you`re in a place of hell and flashing back every memories and pain you went through like the invincible lights from the projector that some Warung Mamak use to broadcast on the white screen of some football match.

That is why sometimes I get the sick feelings of not going to stay there for a long term. That "there" I meant, was that place of hell.

But to short things up, everything is fine. Smiles are put back onto their faces. Real friends took their role.

and I get a helpless feelings of something inside told me to find a steady girlfriend.because I found A LOT of girls err i mean my junior err sorry i mean a lot of uitm students there are so 'F'ing attractive. SHIT.I WANT ONE.

OK BYE. haha.

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