Saturday, July 10, 2010

story 25

well back to my diary. i guess blog is a new kind of diary. but it`s also some kind of a new high tech psychological weapon too. because an ordinary diary should be read only by the writer, not by others.

and some people could make what writers wrote in their diary as their vulnerable point. dont blame that some. blame that writer.

well as for me writing in this so called diary.

for now, my mom got transferred back to my hometown leaving me alone. but at least the bright point is that my sisters' and my father's life would be easier with her being there. not only my father could send them both to tution, school, etc etc, now, my mother could help by splitting his duties too. and i am living alone in this rm1000 per month rent house alone. and sometimes some friends visit me here.

i told my parents to buy me a motorcycle so that i could go here and there at kuala lumpur easily. and so that i could transfer living in some low-cost college renthouse with my friends. even i offered them to buy me a vespa. but waiting for them to buy me one is like waiting an aeroplane on the LRT rail station. but that was them. the parents that are so hard-headed with their thoughts. no wonder i am one.

oh and btw, dah boleh buat party buih kat rumah aku. jemput datang. AHAHAHAHAHA

ok thats all. bye.


  1. haha.kat klcc sudah bawak sabun pergi kat taman then mandi kat sana.haha.

    btw sorry.plan keluar dgn si babi a bit later k.