Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Story 26

Newsflash. ceh tak pasal-pasal. haha. lately I`ve been so longing with some friends. just got back from Pahang with some mates. had a great time and laugh. of course, who wouldn't laugh if your car's tyre explode on the middle of the road in a trip to Jengka Pahang while listening to Siti Nurhaliza's songs. And dont forget about D'lloyd and Bee Gees. haha.

then as I expected, lepas balik je ke KL, dah start rasa macam sial punya rindu celaka punya tak puas hati. and now I`m releasing a bit of the feelings in this blog with a big reality sigh and a big shining smile. almost all of my friends are going to end their diploma InsyaAllah around the end of this year. come to think of it, if I stayed there, of course I would be the same too. okay you could sense a bit jealousy in the air. haha. takpa lah. benda dah lepas, asyik kenang-kenang buat sakit hati pun dapat faedah juga. dapatlah habuan sakit hati.

then during the last Monday, I dreamed of something funny. My right hand was broken somewhere around my biseps. That was the first case. The second was, I dreamed of meeting an old friend of mine, although we`re not that close anymore, during a rainy night, carrying her luggage and plastic bag as if she just went back from shopping. Fyi, I am a superstitious person. I believe that something is going to happen after flashing all those certain scene of my sleep travelling journey. I even believed that something is going to happen if my right eyes or my left eyes and also some part of my bodies are blinking, becoming itchy, and trembling without any of my original controls. And yes, at some point, it really does becoming true.

Remember this? : http://usbthumbdrive.blogspot.com/2009/10/secret-sign-of-happen.html

Okai cut that out. As I said,  "I`ve been so longing with some friends". Not just the close one ATM, the truth is, I miss most all of them. I guess, "I am just a life passing by you". An old quote that I love so much.

My egos were stepped down a bit to say this because this came from my stupid silly heart while my brain is giving me the green light to let this to be typed into this very weird blog. I miss all of you. Do remember me will you.



  1. kau. aku rindu kau jugak :(

  2. u`re in the list too wey. haha.

  3. hahaha. aku jadi hero lg an. thanx to me. miz u a lot babe. =X

  4. kau sentiasa hero bro. superbulu-man lah tapi weh. kuasa: menyembuhkan tayar pecah. haha. ada sumur diladang, kita berjumpa lagi beramai-ramai.


  5. hahaha. everything 4 u dear. haha.

  6. awww so sweet. sejak bila kau jd mcm lahanat ni? haha