Friday, July 9, 2010

zzz 13 story 24

This is a cliche. Yes. I`m tired. Thinking. Imagining. Wondering. WHYing. Of all people, why cant people around me not being so out of themselves?

Well okay. Please imagine I`m a 5 years old boy, staring a cow, eating grasses. Err yeah my sentences next will sound very much like I was high on drugs but let`s just continue to the phase before the credits roll.

I am a 5 years old boy. I am staring a cow. and come to think of it, 5 years old is a number of age when a small human with penis could not think really rationally but AT LEAST 5 years old kids have a base of thoughtful thinking.

"Oooohhh it`s fun watching a cow eating grasses. Hmmm come to think of it, why cant it eat rice. Why cant it drink it`s own breast milk, just like us, it could be healthy drinking it`s own milk that is full with nutritions just like mom gave me. Why can't it walk with only it`s two legs, why does it needs to walk with four. Why cant it use the near-the-head-legs as hands to grab some grasses and eat?. Any reason why they cant drive a car with their hands? They could make a whining sound but they cant laugh? They cannot talk, it cant be true because I thought they sounded just like Elvis."

Then, I stopped the wondering part. Thus, I started the thinking part.

"Maybe. Maybe these cows are human. They just wanna act eating grass so that people pity them. so that people would give them shelter, feed them, play with them. I believe that they are human because they could move. They could breed. They have eyes, mouth, nose too, just like me. I bet it`s true. Maybe they are ashamed of admitting themselves that they are human and then they wear a suit so that people wont recognize them. Maybe they are poor, dont have any money even to live, then they wear a disguise as a cow. Yeah, that`s it. They are human!"

Day after day I stalked that cow. Trying to caught them red-handed for being in a disguise of a cow and even threatened to kill them if they dont show the human-form of them. But all that the cow do were just moo-ing.

okay sorry I forgot to tell you that this story is a 18PL rated and contains violent and moral issues because the continuing story I`m about to tell you is somewhat disturbing considering me, a 5 years old kid involving in a violent issues and he harms a cow (JUST IMAGINARY IN THIS STORY, FOOL. No animals were harmed during the progress of this story. Dont come to my house one day with a lawyer and sue me for harming a God`s creature).

So, again, day after day I started to getting tired to believing that those cows are just human in cow suit in disguise. I even threaten the cow to start acting like a normal human should or else I will slit them with a knife. But too bad, that stupid human in cow suit only scream "moo" repeatedly acting like not-a-human. So I slit them with a knife. And all I could see was blood gushing out and that stupid cow kicked me. Quite hurt a bit. Then, although I am a 5 years old, you should know how a kid`s anger without a mom to control them because my mom were not anywhere near me at that time, she was doing the house`s laundry. I slit that cow`s throat like a Japanese samurai and it lied on the ground breathing with blood all over the place and I keep stabbing the cow asking and shouting it to stop pretending as a not-human. Too bad. I was wrong. Because...

I guess animals were and are created by God just like us basically, to eat, live, breed. But they dont have the extra mind to think more intellectually and independently and other stupid etc etc -lly.

Come to think of it, animals, especially the species in this story, cows, do not act like human. They were created like that because God wanted them to.

The conclusion is, I dont know what the conclusion is.

At least, animals act honestly of what they do because they are animals. They dont copy the acts of human.

But on the other hand, the creature in this world that was so called "perfect" named as human, some of them would want to act like animals. How tragically ironic is that?.

I know you wont, cant, wouldnt, shouldnt, or didnt understand this. I cant even understand all of this too, ironically. But at least I could still spark some laugh out of reason in front of my laptop. yawn. bb.

ok here as I promise. the credits roll........


  1. hm menarik jgk imagination kau eh. hehe. boleh buat bed time story.

  2. make sure to tell this story to your son/daughter during bedtime after 20 years, ok.haha