Saturday, August 14, 2010

qwerty 30

Yes I am hard. as hard as a stone. but wait till you meet my ego. no, not that scooter ego motorcycle. ah you know, that kind of ego that makes your mouth shut tight and I dont know what kind or shape it is, but it will hold up all your bodies from saying your thoughts out loud.

and again, wait till you meet my ego. It`s a diamond.

In human, I see these proof:

I`m sure that if I am certain of not doing anything wrong, I can see that diamond inside my eyes. Try to watch yours too.

But, as for me, if I know I have done anything wrong, which my thoughts will be haunted by it, I will let that diamond melt and as easy as the water flow, I'll try to reap what I sow.

So now, please reap what you sow. Within me. :)