Monday, August 16, 2010

story 31 qwerty 31

Sometimes you can see how people face their life based on simple things that they do.

This is a story of mine and try to find your own story to get the after-effect.

Aku seorang yang tak reti jaga barang or perhaps, ganas. Tak kira barang apa; kereta, mouse, laptop, external hard-disk, pen and other things, semua akan senang end up broken by me. So to make it simple, aku guna contoh mouse. Mouse entah berapa banyak barai sebab asyik jatuh, ada yang aku campak sebab emotional main game bunuh boss tak mati-mati, ada yang entah tak tau kenapa sedar-sedar je dah rosak, ada yang kena curik, ada yang hilang, ada yang aku operate isi mouse tu utk explore apa isi kandungan perut mouse sebab tangan gatal so jadilah tikus membaiki labu, dan juga mouse aku tumpang minum air milo time aku tengah breakfast depan laptop which is quite dimwit. Ok itu pasal machinery and things.

In a bigger context of life, I would like to talk about relationship, friendship, mothership, and also religionship. haha sejak bila ada religionship lol. People come and go in my life, some stay, some just pass by. And sure thing is that God always stays, but I`m the one running around loose. To make my stories linked up, let me tell you that; eventhough I was created like this, created as a not so good with handling and took care of things, aku tetap jaga setiap barang, setiap benda, setiap binatang, dan setiap orang yang ada di sekeliling aku. But guess what, someday things will just become like those mouses that I`ve been taken care of. It will end up broken, damaged, stolen, and lost.

Even things that we hold good care of it, will eventually be broken someday. To me, it's kinda weird with a mixture of humorous life jokes. Because I, we, of all people, dont know what the hell will happen someday.

It`s not that I dont want to repair things back to the normal condition, FYI I tried. It`s just that I am just tired of fixing that I just wanna live and let go. Because I cant stand the heat of you know what it felt; when your mouse is broken that you have the urge and wanting it to be fixed rightaway so that you can use it back at the time when you're really needing it.

Call me ignorant, stupid, idiot or whatever you want, but I`m just being what I want to be best at the moment. Rather than crying over spilt milk, or mourn over a broken mouse, I think it`s best for me to buy a new box of HL chocolate milk or buy a new cheap mouse. Hanya untuk mouse dan susu sahaja ok, sebab kalau kereta aku rosak je, takkan aku nak terus beli kereta baru. Aku bukan anak dato' kaya raya. haha. As you can understand, if the broken things are mega-expensive, I would just repair it. If it cant be repaired, just let go. And if the broken things are cheap, I would just buy a new one to replace it rightaway. Just like people.

You know you wont be having a great loss if you lost someone that is so unuseful in your life such as cheap friends, cheap family members. You wont even be having any profits of keeping them in your life because they will always end up putting heavy burden on your shoulder and then runaway like a prostitute being chased by the Jabatan Agama or to make it simple, these cheap people could make life more miserable for us. For expensive friends, expensive family members, if you can't repair the broken one, I know you will feel a hurtful punchback of pain, but again, all that you can do is let go.

I dont want to talk much about religion, because you know what is expensive and what is cheap. Again I wanted to insist that repairing the expensive things are better than the cheap one. Eventhough one day, even the expensive things will be broken again, but the least you could do is to continue your life and let things go according to the wave.

So, have you learn anything old today?


  1. Alien, jangan terhilangkan diri sendiri ok? :)

    Selamat Berpuasa.

  2. err hilangkan diri sendiri? tak faham. same goes to u brah. happy fasting.