Wednesday, September 29, 2010

qwerty 33

"take my will, will you, then make a choose, to be in misery like me or choose to be happy, just like me" - anon

"There are some people that you meet in life that you just know that they are not going to live to be a 100 years old In some ways, you kind of prepare yourself emotionally for that to be a reality." said Dave Grohl. - about Kurt Cobain.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

qwerty 32

something always have something in the middle of it, unseen.

Monday, September 27, 2010

qwerty 31 story 33

you must have wondered, what make things more complicated and harder to swallow. sometimes it`s others, but for all the times, you know it's , yeah, you know who; it's you.

yeah and this reallt fit in with me right now because I FUCKED UP MY OWN LAPTOP AND EXTERNAL HARD DISK WTF DUDE STFU. this post is dedicated for myself and my genius part in destroying things around which makes me want to drink some teh tarik at some mamak warong. bye.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


CULM is somewhat a shortform for Cracked Up and Laugh Moment. Especially for this one, a Darth Vader Compilation. you would be wondering "oh how tha duck could i laugh with that eerie silly and cutie black mask gasping for air sounds and that blue lighsaber???". Well, guess what, he will shove and stab a LAUGHSABER into you.

and yeah, an extra inter-frame and then, out of the frame show by Obi-Wan.

AHHHHHHHHHHH come on. Some of you love star wars not how come?.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sex wish list

This is what I wish right now. A brand new definition of "awek". I wish I could rub your body, masturbate you using sponges and bubbles of soap, makes you hot when I start your engine, kiss you using my butt on your seat, press your throttle like some kind of cow breast, alter your body and size things up according to my lust, hug you whenever I get laid on those bed of tar rock roads, makes you fart of smokes and carbon monoxide whenever you bump on the road. err actually that "fart" thingy, doesnt even turns me on but what the hell, if I get one of your species, you know I'll be smiling even wider than the satisfactory of being able to bang Megan Fox.

Doakan semoga aku dapat sebijik weh. :)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Raya - Story 32

a bit of a ramadhan stories;
after around 2 weeks of ramadhan, a good friend of mine we called him as Cicak and me returned back to my hometown for some "rasa berpuasa di kampung halaman". this is a conversation i get after hanging around during afternoon eating murtabak in some random tak-puasa port
Cicak: kau puasa penuh bot?
Me: tak.stakat ni kemajuan beb 7 hari je aku puasa.
Cicak: haritu kan time first ramadhan, aku nekad sia nak puasa.
Me: abestu?
Cicak: ye la kan.aku siap dah sahur makan megi 2 paket, sumbat nasi goreng kat warung then hafal niat berpuasa dalam masa 5 jam before azan subuh
Me: gila kapir sial kau nak hafal niat berpuasa je dah makan 5 jam.
Cicak: haha.pastu esoknye aku puasa.
Me: ni lawak bodoh mana kau kutip ni?
Cicak: sabo la bodoh orang tgh cakap kau potong.
Me: ahahaha ok ok. patut la harini kau tak puasa, rupanya kau period pastu kau nak emo kat aku plak
Cicak: haha pastu aku keranda (tido) sampai esok petang pukul 4 setengah aku bangun sbb shift kerja aku start pukul 7 malam. aku pasang la rokok isap sambil bukak tb
Me: ahahaha bangang dah pukul 4 kau berenti puasa. ke kau ikut mazhab sesat
Cicak: (tahan ketawa sampai tutup muka pakai tangan) hahaha pastu aku tgh hisap-hisap rokok tu tetibe ada iklan ape ntah tb3. bapak die! dia cakap "selamat menjalani ibadah puasa".

if you dont laugh after reading that story, please just accept that as a plain stupid story and not as a joke that didn't successfully become a joke.

well, today is the fifth raya. a death passed by to a father of a friend of mine, and alhamdulillah, here is a story of why I`m saying that holy word:

I worked at a lemang stall where I would consider as helping out a friend of mine and his father because I was looking for work experinces of being stressful and emotional and also busy filling up my empty times in Ramadhan before raya and plus, they need an extra hands for their business.

There it goes. Smooth but rough. Kinda stressfull because I was too sloppy, slowpokey, lumpy and a lot sum of stupidity goes around. I kept being shouted at from his father as whom i would call him a BOSS (no, not that LIKE A BOSS video) which  makes me feel so uncomfortable and irritated and eventually turned into a minor heart explosion.

Boss: pakcik dah kata dah ang pi wat lagu tu buat apa
Me: eh abestu dah nak buat cemana, dah saya standby prepare yg lelain, pakcik plak tido terbongkang daripada pukul 2 sampai pukul 4(buat muka blur)
Boss: aku dah habaq kat ang lain kali prepare awal-awal ni tengok kan dah kalut semacam customer ramai tapi barang tak siap lagi. ni cemana nanti ang kerja. ni baru kerja buat lemang, nnt belum ang kerja opis lemang aku suruh ang siapkan bubuh la beras pulut siap-siap ni beras pulut pun tak basuh lagi.
Me: laaa masalahnya mana satu tau sukatan nak bancuh santan semua (then diam sbb dah berangin sangat and trying to find an excuse to escape)
Boss: aku dah pesan dah kerja ni bukan memain. aku ajar ni pun bukan untuk aku, aku ajar kerja ni pun untuk kau jadi anak jantan, untuk kasi anak bini hang makan. ni lepas ni aku dah takda dah.
Me: (diam sambil merempan masukkan daun pisang dalam buluh then pegi basuh beras)

at first, i would just ignore what he said because i thought it was just a small silly chitchat nagging from an old man. but then, after he passed away on the fifth Syawal morning, I reminiscent all of those things that he said. and seriously, i felt kinda sad and sayu because if i knew he was going to Rahmatullah a bit later, I would just make things easy and prepare them accordingly to make a bit of his last dayys very easy. but as you know, "in the end, it`s the what ifs that hurt the most".

I had the oppurtunity to salam raya and minta maaf salah silap to him during the night of raya which I said these words "pakcik saya nak balik rumah siap-siap esok pagi nak raya dan saya mintak maaf lah cik sbb terkasar bahasa, gurau kasar, atau terkurang ajar kat pakcik. minta maaf jugak saya memang slow sikit dan lembab tapi saya dapat banyak benda kerja dgn pakcik" and then he says "takpa lah. takde benda lah. selamat hari raya (with a very calm and honest face).

A few days later during the second to fourth Syawal, he was ill and caught in a cold and fever. slept like a tired very man. I get a chance to see the last of him during the fourth night of Syawal, a scene where he was very calm asleep tiredly and I didn't want to disturb him sleeping, I just lit a cigarette and had a chat his son, a friend of mine.

And the reason that I said Alhamdulillah above is because, I have approved for his apology and I am sure that he passed away very calm, like a death sleep.

Pada kesempatan ni, meminta ihsan untuk menyedekahkan Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Azahar B Osman.

and you should know, there's a reason Syawal month and these asking for apology tradition was created.

Selamat Hari Raya, Mohon Kemaafan Zahir Batin jika ada salah silap. because I know I have made some well-made defects to some of you. after all, i`m an ordinary human making sins as a routine.

and this short note is for Luna, did you remember you texted me with "Death" theme of trivial questions smses during the second/third last day before Raya? thanks for testing me those. I`ve felt the proves of truth behind my answers in some of it. some others are still unknown.

again, Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.