Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sex wish list

This is what I wish right now. A brand new definition of "awek". I wish I could rub your body, masturbate you using sponges and bubbles of soap, makes you hot when I start your engine, kiss you using my butt on your seat, press your throttle like some kind of cow breast, alter your body and size things up according to my lust, hug you whenever I get laid on those bed of tar rock roads, makes you fart of smokes and carbon monoxide whenever you bump on the road. err actually that "fart" thingy, doesnt even turns me on but what the hell, if I get one of your species, you know I'll be smiling even wider than the satisfactory of being able to bang Megan Fox.

Doakan semoga aku dapat sebijik weh. :)



  1. "whenever I get laid on those bed of tar rock roads" apesal aku terbayang eksiden?

  2. haha so, where else could i get laid ? -rfq

  3. Anywhere else yang tak ada trailer 20tan lalu. Ok? Haha!