Monday, October 25, 2010

Qwerty 35


hidup bagaikan pusingan roda.
kala di atas kala di mana? di bawah?
manusia bukanlah semua apa? sama?

  kalau kau dah start kenal dunia, kau akan fahami maksud semua.

oh btw, aku nak promote lagu je, bukan nak promote cerita lu pikirlah sendiri sebab aku tak pernah berminat tengok cerita melayu unless ada lisa surihani berkemban. bye.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chakra 202 - Sahasrara End

Dear self, this is a note to self so that you would pass all of the life exams.

1. If it is an illusion, you shouldn't treat it as a truth. Vice versa.
2. It's like the equation of plus minus operation in math, only a special case one explained;
if - meets +, it becomes -
if  + meets -, it becomes -
 if + meets +, it becomes +
ignore if - meets -, because it's an error in real wouldnt become +
3. You know what to do.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I graduated - Chakra 101

This is actually a private practice for me. But dont bother not doing it. Who knows it could repair your insides too. Actually, I've talked to myself alone when I'm doing it. Instead, it would be better if I write it in my second blog so that I could review it back whenever I feel like it and so that I could detect my mistakes, slap my face, and start walking a new path with a new pair of slippers.

In case if you're interested, click on the image to make it bigger. Please play by the rules.

 MULADHARA - Base Chakra

1. What can you do to feel more secure in life?
- Being offensive, defensive and ignorant at the same time.
2. Tell about a situation you avoided. Why did you avoid it?
- Running away from some people. Because I have a feeling, and more like a vision, dreams in my sleep that I`m going to hurt and make them irritate like strong acid on the skin. After all, I am a great cause of annoyance.
- Avoiding from punching my father's face. Because I love him.
3. Tell about a situation you faced head-on despite danger. Why did you?
- Been hit and smashed. Because I turned on my protective mode.
- Faced some police eventhough I knew I did wrongs. Because I turned on my "que sera sera" mode.
4. Go fap.
5. Have you ever let your lust get the better of you?
- Yes.
6. What is your most secret fetish.
-  Never had one. Wish I had a normal taste of sex some day, after marriage, stupid.
7. Tell about when you were the most afraid for your life.
- Do wrong things and had to face the shit.
- Been caught by some undercover police in front of a 7e store. But then got released.
- During the early time when I rode my motorcycle, I hit a stupid dog which makes my motorcycle a pile of sardine tin rolling with fire sparkling like bunga api in the middle of the road. and I am afraid that my father would kill me. But thank God he didnt.
8. Explain your obsession with an object or other person.
- I have been babbling to some best friends of mine about the girl I liked that eventually rejected me, Babbled non-stop 24 hours like a madman . Stupid past-me.
- If some people started a story about Kamen Rider, you know I automatically become a DJ Kenduri Kahwin.
9. Desribe your most memorable sexual encounter.
- Never had any.

SVADHISTANA - Sacral Chakra

1. Tell about your first love, even if she didnt love you back.
- Well talk about first love, we should talk about monkey love which leads to false hope and then the period era of "It takes time to heal" and then I become a normal human again.
2. Tell about a time you physically hurt another person.
- My hands move automatically.
3. Describe a time you were physically hurt by another person.
- For better cause. And basically, I am a living punching bag.
4. Explain your worst addiction. How did you, or how can you overcome to control it.
- I got addicted with Double Cheese Burger McDonald. Then I realise my wallet have some butterflies flying out of it, so I stopped for a while.
5. When have you given into temptation? How could you have avoided it?
- Long longgggg ago faraway in a Galaxy. I slapped myself in the middle of it.
6. List 5 ways to be happier.
-Make jokes.
-Reminiscent of all the sweet things.
-Listen to songs.
-Talk to someone.
7. What do you get excited about? How can you bring that enthusiasm in every aspect of life?
- I get very hyper in trying new things and experiences. Basically, every aspect of life is a new thing to discover so maybe I'll try to be excited in every thing in it. And finding reasons to be hyper about.
8. What can you do to become more creative
- Watch beautiful sceneries, think of an unimaginable thoughts, be stupid and moronically idiot, talk to the wall,  and watch cartoons a lot.
9.  What makes you angry? Why?
- mostly me myself. because everything goes negative whenever i'm around.

MANIPURA - Solar Plexus Chakra

1. What is your ultimate goal in life?
- Should include the after life too I giess. Succeed in life and after life, I think.
2. Tell about a time you overcame temptation.
- Makan tempe?
- eventhough my mind is crowded with "THIS IS NOT HAPPENING" echoes of voices, I just trying to remain calm and slap myself asking to calm down. sounded so split persona cliche huh?
3. Tell about a time you adapted to unforeseen problems.
- talk about adaptor, I made my electric extension of adapters explore 4 days ago. Alhamdulillah.
- row row row you boat, roughly down the stream, merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.
4. Tell about a time you struggled to overcome an obstacle, but eventually succeeded.
- I took my motorcycle license, althought there are many obstacles such as the going oh the tembok, making turns, emergency break, doing some rolling 8 spinning, and eventually I succeeded.
5. How can you overcome the fear of failure?
- Fear Factor the television show on AXN? euw creepy
- just swallow whatever that is sour and bitter and not being so optimistic because it will eat us alive. ironic optimism.
6. How does it feel to have a person to decry your opinion or belief?
- Slap them back with what they cut me of, because everything has it's own pros and contras. talk about Contra, I played the game during me in standard 5 which is GREAT and COOL.
7. Why do you think people defend their opinions so much ?
- Because they belief that theirs are so true or maybe they just want to talk to waste their salivas.
8. How can understanding your emotions be benificial ?
- Unstable emotion could lead to the problematic and buggy process just like the machine which creates problems and electric static which could leads to the loss of money and even the life of the machine. I always believe that humans are also like machines. Not like the Terminator - Arnold Doublecheeseburger Stories because they are complete douchebag trying to kill each other because they want to evade Sandwiches from extinct in the future.
9.  How can you better understand your emotions?
- Always talk to self and control whatever shit making noises in your brain and asking "what do you think, number 1?" and "Number 2,  what would you wanna do in this situation?" and so on, yeah just like Naruto trying to control his Kyubi from freaking break free.

ANAHATA - The Heart Chakra

1. How can you show more compassion towards others?
- By fake body languages and expressions and also words so that people will know that we actually are close with them. And sometimes, I prefer being silent and help whenever I want to and leave whenever I want to.
2. What is something that you can wholly devote yourself to?
- Nothing. Let's talk about hobbies, studies, religion, I really mean it. I cant wholly devote myself in any of it because, I cant. Its not like I dont want to, but it's like I want to but something is always on the way. I'm trying.
3. Tell about a time someone you love did something terrible, yet you still loved them.
- I love my cats although they like to scratch and bite me till I bleed and leave cuts on my skin, but I still love them because they are creepy super cute. I wish they could talk though. sigh
4. Set a goal right now, What is is and how will you reach it.
- Finish studies, get a job, buy my own transportation or properties, get married, have kids, die. By trying.
5. Tell about a time you were rejected.
- I get fucking sad, eject myself from society for some moments, watched cartoons 24/7, punch walls, rarely eat anything, listen to punkrock songs, then I became normal again a month later. eventhough sometimes the blues hit me. -.-
6. Tell about a time you went out of the way for the sake of others.
- I havent done that heroic routines because I'm not a fucking superheroes like Wolverine or Kamen Rider. Although picturing myself transforms from human to an Ultraman is so cool. I wanna be like Ultraman!
7. In what ways can you enhance your physical well-being?
- Going to the gymnasium, inject some steroids, wear a "GOT SOME MILK?" t-shirt, and join the WWE to fight with John Cena.
8. In what ways can you enhance your mental-being?
- Read prayers, read some boring things, and try to memorize things more often to not end up being careless.
9. In what ways can you enhance your emotional-being?
-  by taking everything as lightly as possible. because when I take things too well, it might end up fucked up. well, that's what you get I guess when you`re a Leo with a great ego.


1. How do you determine what is right and what is wrong?
- Religion has sets of rule. I tried to follow all, but lead to some being in the right list. And it's all based on experiences, and principles that I was taught by someone close to me; parents, pals, sisters, cats.
2. Tell about a time you turned a negative experience into a wisdom.
- Always be fucked up because eventually you`ll get used to it. And even smile when you meet one after that.
3. What do you feel guilty about?
- Not giving foods to my cats. Kesian :(
- After giving the cats foods, I pinched them like clay or tanah liat which makes leads me to feel very guilty :(
- Making my parents sad or cried.
- I still felt guilty of not crying during salam hari raya watching my parents cried and adviced me to be better and I'm so sorry that your son is so emotionless. I wish I could fake a cry.
4.  If you could take back one thing you ever said, what would it be?
- "I love you" - I said this to a Kristin Kreuk poster.
5. What is your biggest regret?
- Dropped out of matriculation and a university.
6. What keeps dependant on others? How can you break that dependancy.
- False hope of anything. I would try to expect the worst could happen.
7. Go play, sing or write a song about anything.
- Did that, did that, and did that too. and uploaded some on facebook and youtube. Go find it yourself.
8. How can you turn failure into a learning experience?
- I did. But most of the part, I forget them. Because where's the fun of trying new things when you`re so wise while you can be stupid and acted very nervously.
9.  Write a small speech or monologue on a topic you're passionate about.
- do you seriously want me to sound like politician? lol.

"lets talk about jazz music. i love jazz because it sounds so weird and at the same time it has the healing factors and helps you being calm and cozy. it could make you swallow a pile of bullshits and feels like your surroundings are so 60's in my personal experiences. i especially love the guitar solos and the trumpet part of making me flow away with the music. i've been hearing jazz since 2007 and that makes me a newbie because I am still new in exploring the art of jazz music. At first, I didnt like it because they sounds out-of-tune and eerily disturbing although at that time I didnt found out that heavy riff metal music are as disturbing as jazz is, but when I listen to 'Norah Jones - Dont Know Why' while having a buttload of problems, I felt that my head turned out to be very light and flow away with her bluesy jazzy vocals which makes me listen to her song for two weeks non-stop geting addicted to it. Yes to me, music is like drugs or medication, once it matches to your ear lust and your emotions, you will get addicted to it 24/7. Music is also best known to me as a deep pool of water that creates a  way or a fantasized road, as we imaginary swimming in it, towards your real emotions and senses. talk about sense, i think i should cut the crap now"


1.  Is it better to make decisions based on your thoughts or feelings? Why?
- Can I delusionally create an optional answer, that is (c) Both of the above and give 'c' as the answer?. Because feelings cant give you what thoughts could hand you, and without feelings, thoughts cannot make you go poke on someone eyes when they really deserve the shit after that someone give shit to you, so why would you want to give them a Choclair sweet when they give you something that stinks. And to me, sometimes, thoughts are something that makes someone coward. So, why not making a fusion of both as an experiment?
2. Tell about a time that you benefitted from following your instict.
-  I get freedom, a few good and not so good friends, and a few bruises and scars.

3. Explain a dream you've recently had and what your mind could be trying to tell you with it.
- a scorpion as i recalled, i dont remember it being poisonous or not but it seemed like it scared the shit out of me. it maybe means that i have some few enemies or i call it as backstabbers and trying to make a move. well, I guess I smacked the scorpion in real life, for now.
4. How can you learn to think with clarity more often ?
- I shall analyze the "what happens if i do this" or "what happens if i dont do this" and choose what's best for me. maybe it's not that related, but i would like to share a quote of someone i forget "I'd rather regret in doing that, than not doing anything".
5. How can you practice using your "mind's eye"?
- Do you think that I am some sort of Professor Xavier of X-Men or what? Talk about mind's eye, maybe it's for "seeing what physical eye couldnt see" because I dont know what the crap it is. Okay I've googled it and it says that Mind's eye is some sort of visualization in memory. I rarely use it because of being ignorant and that makes me a short term memory loss person. Well, to practice using it, i would have to stare to things I want to remember for a while, remembering it's characteristics, it's physical shape, it's sound (if it makes one), it's smell (if it smells), it's taste (okay this is exaggerating because I dont really have to lick whatever that i want to remember) and then try to imagine it back after the staring process. Then, try to draw it with a imaginative pencil in my head.
6. What can you do to increase your intuition ?
- Being logical and make more sense and a little bit of psychic super-hero drama feelings to be used with a little bit of colourful aura generated around my body.
7. How can you sleep better?
- Give me an air-conditioner with 16 degrees celcius of temperature and no disturbance, I could sleep like a bear on hibernation but for 24 hours plus minus period.
8.  What can you do to do better use of your both side of your brain ?
- Take out my brain, use it to roll to the bowling pins so that the bowling pins fall down at the end of the bowling lane. okay i'm kidding.
- i already tried to make the best use of it. I played and practiced music, I read, I spill the crap of stupid thoughts in this blog, i dug my nose using my both sides of my fingers, I watched porns, created and practiced self defense art techniques. and I know I am at my limit. maybe brain doesnt have any limits but I'm just too lazy to swallow alien things again.
- or i should lobotomy myself and put an extra processors and RAM in my brain just like the computers?
9. How can you learn to better control of your actions?

FUCKING FINALLY THE ULTIMATUM SAHASRARA BECAUSE I'M FUCKING TIRED OF TYPING (and because it's practical only by self, and i'll be doing this maybe a several days later because i`m hungry and in need of some food)

p/s: good luck on doing yours. hope this helps a bit on repairing your life. bye

Story 35 and a half AND Qwerty 35

Please say what you really mean and.

Please mean what you say.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Story 35

I am so tired.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

qwerty 34

some people happens to be crazy because they have faced with so many bizarre insane things just like a pirate who survived after his ship sank in the middle of the ocean while seeing his colleagues being a cute pile of corpses and the irony of him to not stop eating fishes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

story 34

this may sound so Alice in Wonderland, but I;ve been seeing many white butterflies lately. On the road while riding motorcycle, walking around the park, watching movies in my room smoking and suddenly one flew inside and landed on my mattress.

and I wonder if it's just coincidences. because I believe in it.

oh no. please not that "I do believe in magic Disney song" playing on the background

 btw, nah. a lil bit pity because it's right part is kind of ripped up during the second day it came.