Tuesday, November 30, 2010


delayed for weeks to update this. well, as simple as i can, i should write. feels kinda awkward to write because I have left this blog for a while.

went to Kedah yaddi yadda yaddi yadda. well, Kedah is cool. so does the people too. friendly, cheerful, although some of them stared us with weird expressions, hmmm i mean, me. maybe sbb rambut panjang then buat meriah sana sini.

and not to say that i've know the world better. just wanted to say that, rough jokes are allright. dok maki sana sini, perli-perli, that's good and friendly. even me from selatan, could adapt to that. maybe some people cant accept that, tapi aku pedulik apa. you should try to go to Melaka or even stay in Muar to know how rude our jokes are, with the intentions to be friendly. or boleh stay kat Kuala Lumpur, know the dark side of KL to test how your perseverance are. kalau nak kenal dunia sebenar macamana :)

and the scenery, you know how beautiful it is to stare at a wide sky. breathtaking, even I cant help to stare at the sky for a long time. and it's windy and a bit gloomy because it`s raining season when I was there.

remember THIS story?  actually I went there with arwah's son, a best friend of mine, to help with some wedding ceremony there. and you know, although i`ve know his family for 3-4 days, it's like they have known me for a long time, far away from treating me like a stranger. that's good, of course.

a new dialect of Malay language, I have learned. and wished to learn even more. and knew some good people there :)

and let's just say, being a traveler, shows your true skin even more. and takdela duduk bawah tempurung sangat contoh;

1. bila kena maki sikit tros nak touchey emotional apelancau semua. sebab orang camtu memang patut kena stab dengan mata liquid paper. but with limit. no sensitive issues involve, iukwim.

2. when things arent going your way, duit tak cukup, transport takde or etc etc. that's why plans are handy. too handy than candy.

3. bila ada masaalah datang, solve it together. bukan bila ada masalah datang, yg lain semua lari. tapi aku memang lari kalau orang cite masalah yg merapu dok create fake tipu stories dia jual. sbb logically, real true friends stick whenever one needs them, whenever one thinks that they are necessary to help solve the problems, whenever the one who is in a problem is in a REAL problem, bukan create some drama story bluffing here and there.

nanti kau jumpa macam-macam jenis orang bila kau travel too. even close one yang kita dah lama kenal, makin tak kenal pun ada. :D

bye then.

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