Wednesday, December 29, 2010

qwerty 40

I found this quote randomly on some forum as their signature.

but yeah, this means something. here it is:

"Do not ever tell anybody anything, because if you do you start missing everybody"

and my own: "Sometimes I inhale your exhaled breath"

sounds so weird doesnt it? but I wish not to tell you that, because you'll start missing me with my weirdness sometimes. too bad, I have told you that.

Friday, December 24, 2010

be very careful, self.

Monday, December 20, 2010

story 42

been busy playing cityville lately which is why i slapped myself and said "i should get a better life than playing some simple 'hack-able" game" haha and final is around the corner and also, assignments keep knocking on the door yeah i know, so annoying like the song "knock knock knockin on heavens door" from Guns n Roses pfffft how can i say that, slash is among my favourite guitar player.

so instead i feel the need to upload these to show what i`ve been busy lately. and, its been ages since i started drawings back.

and dont worry, i`ve even stopped playing Cityville. haha.

self portrait test



last. i wish 2011 really comes faster. because, some big changes is going to happen, imo. and i should really not start to have an album of dozens collection of DBKL summons. I WISH. FML bye

Sunday, December 19, 2010

random jizz

weh kau kalau problem sikit, panggil 'abang', problem sikit, suruh 'abang' backup, problem dgn orang, suruh 'abang' buat kerja maki-maki orang tu walhal kau dok diam membisu memondan, problem sikit, kau jadikan 'abang' kau tu mcm khadam anjing abdi buat apa yang kau suruh, baik amek skrotum kau, hiris 5-6 kali then tuang masuk blender la weh. buat malu je wujud kat badan kau. buat malu lelaki je. aku taktau pulak the new definition of "lelaki" macam kau ni exist . hahahaha :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

qwerty 39

the first time, they always spread your mind wandering off somewhere making your heart in a pressure of blood.

the second and so on tricks always make the trickster be shocked by the audience, ironically. what are tricksters without the audience.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Story 41

because lately i`ve been having problems with dreams. some people may neglect it as just some soul travel, imagination while resting. well i am standing in a croud of another of that "some" people who believe that dreams are something. something signs either good or bad.

i dreamed of some arwahs that came into my life in the past 20 years old, especially a satan impersonating my arwah grandfather talking craps to me, i knew it was satan, because the real roh arwah wouldnt come into your dreams and being so talkative. real roh would come into your dreams and just silent and perhaps smile dressing in a white cloak or clothes.

i dreamed of my body splits into two part, soul and body. i watched my body asleep while my soul sit around staring at my body. i know, too creepeh.

i dreamed of apocalypse. i dreamed of being chased by ghosts in the middle of an never ending forest.

i dreamed of those persons who i love, especially friends. you know who you are.

i dreamed of me, being an Ultraman and Kamen Rider < okai this is just some random craps

and tak payah la nak cite pasal mimpi basah. segan lah. hihi. btw, my father dreamed of me stabbing him somewhere around the chest. he told me about that in a very sayu voice. my mother also told me "ayah tengah-tengah malam haritu terkejut bangun tido pastu dia bagitau afiq tikam dia dalam mimpi, ibu pun terkejut la". so my reaction was like "hmmmmmmmm interesting. tu la lain kali sebelum tido basuh kaki".

and that makes me realize i should control my temper whenever i have any intense things going on.

then lately i dreamed of stabbing someone i dont really recognize pitilessly. macam potong kek. kelar leher dia, then hiris dada dia buat bentuk kotak. and then i snap. a snap is like a kick, in terms of Inception.

and funny. while i`m writing this blog, reminiscent and flashing back, lately, yeah, lately, i love to play with knives. if you`re careful and sensitive, you should see some cut scars on my fingers. and funny, my tendencies to play with knives grew even more, just like i started to love them.

so what is the conclusion made up by you?

p/s: things are going a bit peaceful lately. no, more like a harmony instrumental orchestra going on.