Wednesday, December 29, 2010

qwerty 40

I found this quote randomly on some forum as their signature.

but yeah, this means something. here it is:

"Do not ever tell anybody anything, because if you do you start missing everybody"

and my own: "Sometimes I inhale your exhaled breath"

sounds so weird doesnt it? but I wish not to tell you that, because you'll start missing me with my weirdness sometimes. too bad, I have told you that.


  1. Too bad, too late :(

    I already miss you and your weirdness.

    You're a pro at being weird.

  2. a pro at being weird is someone who would go sight-walking at KLCC naked. so obviously i`m not. hahahah

  3. that's not weird, that's insane. a total psychological failure.

  4. not insane. but cool. and still, weird. probably that person just wanted his/her name in the guiness world book of record and police station registry. or their shirts and pants just got ripped off and stolen from some chimpanzee.