Monday, December 20, 2010

story 42

been busy playing cityville lately which is why i slapped myself and said "i should get a better life than playing some simple 'hack-able" game" haha and final is around the corner and also, assignments keep knocking on the door yeah i know, so annoying like the song "knock knock knockin on heavens door" from Guns n Roses pfffft how can i say that, slash is among my favourite guitar player.

so instead i feel the need to upload these to show what i`ve been busy lately. and, its been ages since i started drawings back.

and dont worry, i`ve even stopped playing Cityville. haha.

self portrait test



last. i wish 2011 really comes faster. because, some big changes is going to happen, imo. and i should really not start to have an album of dozens collection of DBKL summons. I WISH. FML bye


  1. kena seru duit bayar saman rafiq.

    btw, kau lukis best gak kan? kale pakai ps or smthg mcm tu?

  2. khinzir.aku dah la tgh kendur gilababi.sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and tq. aku lukis pakai tangan then edit-edit and coloring je pakai ps. kau terer lukis kan? ajar aku pls

  3. kau tengah kembang ti aku ajar. kena bagi pengeras. haha!