Friday, January 28, 2011

qwerty 45 story 46

pests. its just their nature that they could easily make people annoyed and pissed off.

i was cleaning my aquarium that day when suddenly a cockroach went into my kain pelikat and running around on my left leg madly freely making me feel... you know the feeling.

i ended up bukak kain letting my boxer as a cover from being naked and then catched the roach. if i were to heed my heart, i would stomp it until its brain splurt out. well, there's another option. there it goes, into my fishes's stomach.

pests. they are just like that. taktau apa-apa benda then disturbing people around just like that, meddling in things they dont know. and then, suffers.

did you know that there are humans that have cockroaches's brain?


  1. that feeling...for sure kau lari jerit jerit sebab lipas tu panjat kaki kau.


  2. HAMPIR. hahahahahaha


  3. Aku leh bayangkan rafiq. auwwww!

    Aku kenal beberapa orang berotak lipas.

  4. luna: aku rasa aku pun masuk dlmm list orang kau kenal otak lipas kau tu. sbb aku pun sama je do. haha -rfq

  5. aku tak buat list. sebab manusia selalu boleh berubah.

  6. aku buat list. sebab manusia kadang-kadang susah nak berubah.

  7. susah sangat nak percaya kemanusiaan?

  8. dalam kemanusiaan tu ada kebinatangan. u know more about history than i do.

    so i made a simple conclusion.