Saturday, January 1, 2011

Story 43

Its funneh how a year could change a person. From a person we knew to an alien. And sometimes from a person to a corpse. Corpses.

And you know, how a year stabs you back after you stab all the years passed by.

And I believe, how a year could gives you something good in return after all those bullshits that you've been through.

Sorry I forgot. I canceled those back. because every year, could give you both.

Happeh *yawn* New Year.

2011 gives me the need to make me return to being a nerd back. as i said in formspring, "to be a better person than 2010. levelling up, from good to better, from bad to worse, i think."



  1. babiiiiiiiiiii dah start dulu war hahaha

  2. I wished someone Happy New Year, and he said, "I don't need to wait for the new year to be happy." Cis.

    Happy New Year Rafiq darling :)

  3. hmmmmmm? but it`s pretty true.

    Happy New Year too, gay. :D