Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I posted this yesterday. and then I hide it back for some reason. and then i feel the need to post this back and fuck what other people say, and speak to self that what's past has passed and is past and i didnt even tremble like a dick anymore

and again, i felt so stupid. i thought ive stopped being an animal. and tonight, is the night i wish to forget. tonight, i even tremble with regrets, even when i typed in these words with this stupid keyboard. tonight, i even wish i could forget this nickname of robot. tonight, these fists are more talkative than my mouth. tonight, i wish to rewind back time, instead of puching someone else like a dummy, the one i really would like to punch is myself. with a mixed up feelings, i'n telling myself this: how weird things were and are, when you`re coming back to senses.

and I am so sorry, this head has been filled with regrets and some fire of counsciousness,

even philosophers noted that counsciousness has been difficult to define