Friday, February 4, 2011

story 48

those offensive posts before especially this one; , lets just say, they prove something. after that being settled, then again, let me say again, I am so sorry. because I dont know things are going to be this so called 'drama'. haha.

i guess we're just kids when we committed those both irrational and rational stuff. we are men when we settle things down face to face on a table. the conclusion is, there's always a culprit. and doubts.

sorry again.

I guess, I can be available always to fill in those empty antagonist spot.


  1. not yet. but will be. hopefully.

  2. manusia adalah makhluk yang bersifat rasional dan emosional secara serentak.

  3. luna: ada 2 cabang jalan.macamana nak tahu mana satu betul?

    sbb benda macamni bukan mcm the road not taken robert frost.

  4. itu lah masalahnya, bagitahu aku, macam mana nak tahu mana satu yang betul? bagi rasional jalan a betul, bagi emosional, jalan b betul. kedua-duanya ada hak kebenaran.

    okay, aku cakap bahasa gaelic lagi.

  5. what is gaelic? a mixture or garlic and broccoli? because i seriously hate veggies. haha