Friday, February 18, 2011

zzz 14

and now I`m exhausted like hell, with these educational bullshit problems.

truth to be told, i`ve studied on both Government Uni and Private Uni

to me, both of our standards are......... no I'm wrong. there are higher standards for going to the well-known gov uni. because u know, its cheaper (what are smart malaysian without "cheaper") and after all, could easily be recognised.

but based on my experiences, and also many other pets of mine, other than the students' problems, there is administration.

us, the private uni (yeah i`m talking about me and my friends) students, are suffering from these marking up or gillette cash problems. whenever something goes wrong in the admin, you know, like they ran short of money to facilitate apelancau to accomodate apelancau, they would fail a few students (they are smart, they fail those who are dumb) and then ask them to sit for another final examinations, and if we fail again, they would make us sit for the same class for another semester for youknowwhatcost.

me? i`m sitting for another Networking Principles referral examination and i deserve it because i did so bad last time, the night before the examination i went to Dataran Merdeka for sightseeing watching rempits and mat car showing off their vehicles. i deserve it stfu gtfo

and what is weirder is that we need to have some kind of good relationship with lecturers so that we could pass those exams with good results. what is this? Diploma for Sucking Up? Bachelor in Licking Ass Management? I once did well on Java or Object Oriented Programming, outcomes and exams, and after fucking my foreign lecturer's mind, I get a C-. I know some of you would think I would suggest this "Where is the love?" song by Black Eyed Peas but you know you`re half wrong and fully right.

and then there is this main campur-branches problems such as; I`m studying in this branch of Lickass College, whenever there is a problem, and I go to the admin, they would give this as a response "Sori aaa ini kepala tak kasi i buat camtu. I orang bawah, dah lah orang bawah, kita punya ni branch saja so I kena stick to the orders of orang atasan" and after a few gertak with using this so-called Igotthepowwa "I will refer to the Kementerian Pendidikan u punya administration macam sial", then they would go "Oh okay okay I will do what I can" and then everything goes a-okai.

What is this bullshit? is this even an education institute or a money sucking up banking institute?

too bad, us students, even me, didnt dare to stand up, because our future and life depends greatly in this bullshit.

is it just me or those with authorities from before, made us chained in this pathetic situation.

mcm frimason probably, taknak kasi rakyat bising bersuara, they would conquer those with powers and made some rules so that people would go stfu and fill nation's mouth with kapas 6kg so that whatever sound or yell they made, would turn into a sissy small cricketty sound, not even another creature could hear, so that they could manipulate and discriminate people around freely.

pity us. our parents' mind have been set to give us good educations, while they are attracted only to our wallet. and our parents' wallet.

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