Tuesday, March 22, 2011


after numerous times of reflection thought, lets erase this post contents that was full of mockery. too bad isnt it? let's replace with new one:

and how's your life lately? Is it good? Is it not? If it's not , then I feel sorry for you. Because you are so 'otai', you are a hero, even I. am afraid of you.

let's end this post with a long laugh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

psychotic isnt it?

I know someday one day, my words, maybe, are going to stab me back right on the face, but let's just blame the timing, the clock, because it put you overlapped with the circusmtances, your stupidity, the moment itself, and you yourself, making you a victim.

I've been once, and waiting for my turn. In fact, everyone has get the taste of being one.

Be a man, instead of a dog who leave shits everywhere leaving burden to other people. After all, arent you so smart? Tak perlu mengemis pendapat orang? Yeah you are smart, but I`m getting tired. I`m tired.

as promised,


- by a boy who works as a cleaner, cleaning your footsteps. dont tell me you dont read this, because I`m tired typing it, appreciate my effort please, after all, you've been enjoying coming to my area and copying everything. sorry, i forgot. you've been enjoying coming to everyone's area, copy everything, and then left with shits here and there. Good luck in life, sporadic dog.


  1. They can't hurt you if you don't feel hurt.
    And that's sort of the only way. Keep your heads up, buat tak layan, jumpa depan muka sindir keras-keras.

  2. sindir keras-keras.