Monday, March 14, 2011

Imargerine 7

Have you ever heard of "Crepuscolo Sul Mare" song? It's in Italy, meaning "twilight on the sea" based on Google Translate.

You could download the track from here by the way.

Listening to that song, you know there's an unexplainable mixed feeling, gushing here and there. And I wish I could explain it with words, but I`m failing with words and vocabs lately, greatly.

And yeah, its a soundtrack from one of my favourite movies, Ocean 12,from when Brad Pitt first met Catherine Zeta Jone, while running away from the police.

And you know, I`m planning on something to hit your ears, later.

So, later :-)

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and, this is your later


  1. haha u should google for "meme". and that's what i have for a reaction.

  2. XD

    sila bayangkan aku wat muka "XD" ni.