Monday, April 11, 2011

finally story 60 hahah

Actually this is something I wish not to write, but let's just give some people what they want. lets just give them some reason to jump with joy.

Re-qwerty :

"Drown in things you cant see, is the same amount, of drowning in the sea.

and its finger lickin good."

Close people around atm have tirelessly wasted their salivas to say that "at some point in life, we'll lose some important people that have been through with you in life, some people that even you look up high to, some people that have been in your profile pictures, some people that have been glued to your desktop wallpaper, some people that have been through with you at a short terms of ups and downs. Stop fixing things what you dont break"

At first it was a real waste. And then, i dont know. It was as if, those saliva have slowly been collected into a cup and splashed into my face. And probably the saliva has been so corrosive, the pain has made me realise something.

It's the function of God giveth, God taketh. And remember, Allah the Almighty, it knows all from A to Z, from the starting beta process till the final launch, from the starting of the binary codes until the end of depletion of a machine.

And one more thing, who else have been my greatest stalker of all, other than my mom and my dad too, sometimes they went into my room, investigate on some things in my computer, secretly checking up on this blog and some of my other internet accounts, pictures, datas in my external harddisk, camera, and few things more. And as weird as I am, she is always smiling making a "peace" sign. While my father, blergh, he's just full with ego and not showing any emotions at all. After all, he's the original robot. And I bet, my mom is reading this while eating Ubi Getok. Us, Javanese family, has been a fan of Ubi Getok.

And again, my mom wanted some people to know that life is full of drama, we're the actors, and the stages always change, like stairs, i've told you about stairs, if i`m not mistaken. i'm just too lazy to check up on it. She reminded that to me too, but I laughed, but that doesnt mean I throw that from the palm of my hand.

I`m thanking both of them because they have always able to see me through as if some part of my body are invisible, whenever I returned home having bruises and scars settling some problems, whenever I went home heartbroken because of the past love problems, whenever I returned home trembling dealing with this alam-ghaib issues, whenever my shoes have been like a pool of blood because I kissed those jalan tar, whenever I'm stressful dealing with workloads and assignments and other affairs, while I have been doing my best to hide things. and the same thing happened too, to close pals, who noticed that something is wrong. I made a conclusion that "hanya jauhari mengenal manikam".

Jal, Ajwad, terima kasih. And some other names that have the same brain as them. Eh I forgot the most important name, Zack.

Since this really happened and i`m even too lazy to elaborate it, let me just copy and paste of the past : "God speaks in mysterious ways" and "He gets what he deserves, after being so humble"

no. "We get what we deserve, after being so humble"

Finally for the grand finale, I`m leaving you at the mask shop. And yeah, aku dah penat. :D

pleasure. hmm no. thanks too weh haha :]


  1. Hai tika. I`ve taught you something about "For greater good" havent I?

    It's been fun learning something about what's "Fair" and what not, with you.

    Eventually some familiar faces will turn into some strangers, once in a while. get used to that, tika.

    I`m having fun making my hands full not-defending myself and being backstabbed here and there, again, I told you that.

    After all, you`re among one of the greatest pet of mine.

    Now, ni first time rasanya aku buat comment mcm karangan lah siut . hahah.