Friday, April 15, 2011

Imargerine 10

Since I am seriously out of mood, lets just not write a long karangan here. Or I will end up memaki-maki mcm haram. Taken somewhere from the net :

  Wide, doesnt it?

Thanks to Rob Sheridan. This reminds me of Cobain though.
 A cut-scene from The Lost World.

 I once drew Digimon characters in a boxed-Math book during primary school. At the age of 21 I get to see something like this.

 Ninjas cant catch you FTW

 This. seems. like. Ursa. Ahh I miss DotA.

 not a Guitarpro5.exe on-paper

 Toldya Deadpool was nowhere near this.
 Dont, please, you`ll fail being Hendrix.

 Eh I thought Norton sucks? Even I'm using a cracked Avira.

this what makes my psp wallpaper beautiful. :D

I saw 2 UFOs there. and the face of a man being stomped on in some posters. The face, I want to stomp very hard right now.

this is a serious hurr durr lost.

Used to trust this. But let's just stay in a herd of black sheep. Let's invite some white sheep too.

Deadpool. Having fun with yellow boxes.

 Some friends of mine fell of the chair after I showed this to them.

 Even i7 has BSoD.

Calming, doesnt it?

 About the Fibonacci Spiral, thanks to Roslinda Roslan. Numbers and shapes have never been so interesting.

 This made me laugh like hell.

Let's add the sound effect of "plup" here.
 "Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, and the existence of..... Google"

Who gets the clear picture? There is one. And let's leave all the judgements.

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