Wednesday, April 6, 2011

story 59

So there's a rumor that Anooar has been in a secks recording. I found that as very interesting. So I went in search of the video. And found the cut clip, at least. I watched it three times.

The first time, I made this expression; =O

The second time, I made this; o_O

The third time, after checked all the details and stared at the man's face and posture, I'm really starting to believe that the man is really Anooar. He looks kinda cool with his actions too.

And then somewhere around 7.30 - 7.50 pm, I was preparing for my dinner when the tv was on. I watched the highlight of the news saying "crap crap crap crap" about the sensational porn of the ex-deputy prime minister. As soon as I'm about to turn the tv off, I watched a scene where Uan Ajijah and even her daughter, Nurul Ijjah, and some other faces smiled and laughed during a media session, I dunno, probably a media conference about that scandalous tape.

I sighed "nice bullshit".

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