Sunday, April 24, 2011

story 64

Let's talk about "story" today. About those that you heard, about those that you really see with your eyes, about those that you experienced or about someone else's.

Few years ago, a friend of mine, Hanafi had an accident while riding his motorcycle with another friend of mine, Zani in Melaka. The story went passed-by via sms within our community of close friends in our hometown. I went and asked a friend of mine "Weh biar betol Napi eksiden? terok ke tak weh?" and he said "terok bodoh. dia tercarap, muka terseret, badan dengan tangan memang mcm takyah cite la sebab baju korak rabak. Zani ok je takde pape". I asked another friend of mine "Eh terok gile Napi eksiden? Ape cerite?" and he replied "Gile engko, bawak 130 alih-alih langgar divider memang ah terok. aku dengo cite dia tersadai kat hospital pengsan jari patah".

Few days later, it's another friend of mine's turn to ask me about Hanafi's condition and I said simply something like this : "Dagu dia hilang muka terseret, badan patah riuk, dia tengah pengsan tak sedarkan diri kat hospital sana". Some friends of mine scratched their head, feeling sorry and some are kinda furious and wanted to go to Melaka asap but they cant since they got some job to do. But magically during the night, someone texted me saying "Weh Napi dah balik rumah makcik dia hanto". I rushed to his home with some friends of mine.

Everybody was shocked to see Napi, with just bloody-bandages and bloody-stitches. "Ni babi mane cerite dagu aku hilang, jari aku putus, aku koma tulang aku patah riuk?"-Napi. We stared at each other's eyes and start blaming each other with "Haaa die ni cite kat aku, bodoh", "Tak, ni pun aku denga cite daripada dia" and "Mana aku tau, aku cite ni pun sebab dia bagitau aku". And then Napi said "Haa tu la main sedap je hentam cerite macam-macam. Dah dah aku nak masuk jap letak barang, jap lagi kita pegi lepak warung ngeteh" with a laugh.

And this is another tragedy that happened during I was in the late Form 5 :

A friend of mine, Farid was rushing on his way riding a motorcycle to a restaurant in town to have a dinner with his family. And, things that you can expect sometimes, happened. A van hit him although he tried to evade the van, according to the witnesses there at that time. His motorcycle was very badly damaged, and Farid's head got smacked with his motorcycle's handle bar due to the sudden brake of the motorcycle. I even forgot what's the name of that physic law. Farid was badly injured and was sent to our hometown's hospital.

He was in coma for a week. I could remember clearly that his body has becoming a bit huge due to the fluid pipe channeling vitamins and food in the form of fluid going through inside his veins, because he was uncouncious and cant even eat. Let's just say, he was bloated with fluid. I could remember clearly too of the sound of his breath exhaling and inhaling using those pump machines and pipes. And then, at the end of the week, he died, because it was his destined time.
Few days later, I met a friend of my father which was one of arwah Farid's neighbour, and she said "E'eh Rafiq, haritu kan anak jiran makcik baru meninggal. Eksiden moto kat bando. Tu la lain kali jangan merempit". Hearing that, I made this -.- face and told her the truth.

Di kesempatan ini, meminta belas ehsan utk sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada roh dan jasad Muhammad Farid B Abdullah. Still, that depends on how you interpret.

Since I realise this blog has been widely spread and people making abstract impressions. So, what made you come to this blog?


  1. physics law: inertia. macam lagu tu.

    reason: just cause.

  2. luna, and then, i remembered about newton's law of gravity :D

    no, that question is not for you, stupid.haha

    -Muhammad Rafiq B Md Kamal

  3. Haha! Aku tak buat "abstract impressions" nampaknya.


  4. since from the start u're here, so i`m guessing u made some, tp what the hell, kau Luna kan?